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4 Benefits to a Custom Entrance Logo Mat

Carpets and mats  of various types today are an important part of the interiors of not only houses, but also commercial premises. With their help, you can create a comfortable home environment anywhere. Carpets have long been considered a sign of wealth and luxury. Nowadays, they can be a highlight of almost any room.

In the conditions of modern competition, each company and store should pay due attention to every detail of the quality design of the space. Particular attention should be paid to reflecting elements of individuality and effective advertising. In practice, such an opportunity becomes a high-quality mat with a logo, emphasising the individuality and corporate style of your organisation.

About logo mat

The manufacturing of carpet products does not stand still. Different companies can offer you a wide variety of rugs. Exclusive logo mats can now be selected especially for commercial properties. Logo mat is an ordinary rug on the surface of which the logo or slogan of the company is placed. Modern production technologies make it possible to achieve high quality images and inscriptions. Logo mats can not only become an original part of the interior, but also increase the company’s awareness.

Logo mats are widely used in the network business, trade, they are ordered by sports complexes, restaurants, cafeterias. Banking establishments and car dealerships are no exception. A clear and bright logo located on the logo mat near the entrance to the premises will unobtrusively remind visitors of the brand and will be remembered, increasing the number of your regular customers.

Features of production

Mats with a logo are made in three main ways, which ultimately determine the quality and cost of the product:

Flocking. This is the most cost-effective method with high reliability. With it, high-quality glue is applied to a special base, and on top of it, in an electrostatic field, a layer of short villi with a length of 1 – 2 mm. Thus, you can get a beautiful bright pattern. The only drawback of this method is the impossibility of drawing thin lines.

Use of innovative technologies. In this way, the image is applied mainly with the help of special equipment. In this case, the pattern is obtained by soldering the fibres of the required length and colour into a super-strong polyvinyl chloride base. In this case, you can use up to 16 colours in the image, so that the colour gamut of the applied image can amaze with its richness. Another plus is the ability to draw the finest lines in the image.

Laser engraving. Here, first, the required image is cut out on the product using a laser, and then the fibres of the required colour are glued onto the cut surfaces.

The choice of the method of manufacturing the product and its colour design is always up to the customer. But one thing is indisputable – a rug with a logo applied to it will not only adequately decorate the interior, but also create a bright, expressive name of the company, which will be remembered for a long time.

Advantages of logo mats

Mats with a logo have found their recognition due to a set of advantages:

The widest range of applications – with the right choice for any organisation and all types of premises.

The broadest possibilities of choice depending on individual tasks, unlimited design solutions.

Completely different shapes, sizes and colour combinations of performance.

High dirt-repelling characteristics, perfectly absorbing moisture and dirt, with reliable protection of the floor covering from damage.

Significant service life, with long-term preservation of brightness and stain-proof characteristics.

Extreme simplicity and ease of use.

Improved resistance to the negative effects of chemicals.

You should also take into account the special rubberized base of such products, allowing them to confidently hold even on slippery surfaces.

4 main benefits to a custom logo mat

1. Cleanliness and tidiness

A prerequisite for public places is not only regular cleaning, but also effective protection from dirt, which visitors will invariably apply. Usually in public areas there is a significant congestion of people, with an intense load of the floor covering, which invariably leads to its rapid pollution.

And at the same time, there is not always the possibility of regular cleaning of the premises. To maintain cleanliness and comfort in the office, you should definitely get a dirt-protective mat.

The main feature of mats with a logo is the ability to be washed in washing machines and cleaned with a washing vacuum cleaner, which prolongs the service life.

The premises of a self-respecting company should be free of dust and dirt. For this, all methods are good. Still, the best of these is the use of a logo mat. Such a product perfectly fulfils its practical purpose – retaining dirt and preventing it from penetrating into the room. Polypropylene carpet pile like a sponge absorbs moisture and firmly retains dust.

2. Good quality material

Logo mats are made according to the same principle as for classic carpets. For their production, high-quality synthetic fibres are used. Unlike natural threads, synthetic threads are less prone to wear and tear. They retain their colour and shape for a long time, are unpretentious in care, and are quite easy to clean and wash. Any chemical substances are suitable for washing logo mats – they will not damage the structure of the product and will not spoil its appearance. The base of the logo mat is rubber. It allows you to trap moisture and dirt, preventing them from falling on the floor. In addition, the rubber mat does not slip even on a wet floor, which prevents injury to visitors and employees.

3. Outstanding piece of decor

Logo mats have an unsurpassed appearance and at the same time, their quality is not inferior to any classic carpet. Strength, reliability and high wear resistance are the main qualities that are very important for a door mat. A custom-made logo mat with your company logo will become a unique element of office design and contribute to brand promotion. Bright decor elements always attract the attention of customers, and logo mats will be remembered for a long time by any visitor.

4. Brand awareness

An important condition for the company’s success is due attention to the issues of active advertising of its offers and ensuring a favourable image among regular and potential customers. An excellent help in this regard is the purchase of specialised carpets with a logo, increasing the recognition and reputation of your company among the target audience.

Harmonious, high-quality custom welcome mats with a logo can significantly increase brand awareness, its reputation and the trust of the target audience, with the formation of a positive attitude among buyers, emphasising its corporate identity and the general concept of the organisation.



Logo mat for the office – the secrets of the right choice

To choose a suitable rug, it is important to be guided not only by the price, but also by the individual parameters of the product, the characteristics of the material, the nuances of operation, cleaning, and the principles of interior design.

For a suitable choice, one should be guided by the characteristics of the material, workmanship. The modern market offers a wide selection of such rugs, so the choice should be approached quite responsibly. A pleasant addition will be the thematic, corporate design of the rug in the corporate colours of the company, with the application of a slogan or brand name.

Our advice for you would be to choose a rubber-backed logo mat. They are a versatile solution for any area. At the entrance to the room, such carpets are not afraid of water and absorb dirt, and if used inside, they are soft and pleasant to the touch.


The emphasised individuality, the peculiarity of the company – all this will be evidenced by the small in size, but invaluable in importance, floor products. A striking way to declare yourself, and possibly indicate your occupation, is to lay a mat with an individual logo at the entrance to the corporate office. It is a well-known fact that a person receives most of the information about the world around him through sight, that is, what he sees. Therefore, a bright, catchy logo will remain in the memory of visitors for a long time. Cleanliness and advertising in one bottle are essential qualities of such products.