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4anime – Anime Streaming Website Free To Use

4anime is one of the best anime downloading websites similar to anime-streaming site 9 anime. At this platform, you do not need to register or pay any amount for the anime downloads. The site is completely free to browse the anime library and you can also watch anime videos or anime at any quality or resolution. 4anime serves best when the users try to watch anime regularly and do not need to spend much time in the downloading process. With so many advantages, the site has become the genuine source of entertainment with original content.

Key Features of 4anime –

  1. It has secure servers and keeps your personal information safe from hackers.
  2. The servers of this anime site are maintained very well.
  3. While watching an anime series, your stream is encrypted and your details are protected on the internet.
  4. It also lets you listen to the latest episode of your favorite anime streaming series, so you keep updated with the latest episodes of your favorite anime series.
  5. With smooth and fast streaming, you will be able to download the series.
  6. The audio and video quality of this site is good for viewers.
  7. The website offers you technical support through email or chat. Whenever a customer is stuck somewhere and he/she needs some assistance, the help service is always available to help you out immediately.
  8. In order to save a lot of bandwidth, no data transferring is done while watching anime series on this site.
  9. 4anime allows you to share your own anime pictures. The best part is that you will not be limited to only one picture. Simply upload your work of art in streaming video format.
  10. You are free to download the entire list of episodes of your favorite anime series. Access the site any time and get all the anime streaming videos.

Advantages of accessing 4anime –

  • It is one of the most remarkable platforms in entertainment with animated series and films.
  • The site offers entire content to its users with English subtitles.
  • Here, users do not have to register and with the AdBlock extension you can block irrelevant applications.
  • The site is also available for Android devices, so it can be used on smartphones.

Alternatives of 4anime –

1. 9anime – It is a site which allows you to watch activity, parody, shows, games and others. It also encourages its users to observe great films, TV arrangement and Original Video Animation. Categorized in season, year, quality, type, and language; you can demand anime you might want to watch in your free time.

2. Crunchyroll – It is an anime streaming site for watching anime shows and series for free of cost. It also permits you to share recordings on Facebook and Twitter. The best advantage of Crunchyroll is that you can add audits to the activity arrangement you have viewed earlier.

3. Gogoanime – Access the website to watch activity films and anime shows. The site also offers classes like activity, vehicles, repulsiveness, dramatization, game, children and others. It also allows users to demand the video they like to watch or download.

4. Animedao – For watching mainstream anime motion pictures, it is the best site to consider. Here, you can look through your preferred movement recordings in English and Japanese language. Simply bookmark the recordings whenever you like.

5. Contv – This application gives present day and exemplary movement and allows you to watch unique shows, classification films, funnies and many others. Its app is accessible for web, iOS, and Android devices.

6. Masterani – It is a site for watching films, TV shows and arrangements. No doubt, the site is one of the quickest anime streaming destinations without any payment fee or extra data.

7. Kissanime – It is the anime streaming site to watch anime motion pictures, which offers a serious channel to look through your video by name, classes and status. Get progressing and finished recordings with your preferred movement cuts.

8. Anime planet – The website permits you to observe free anime on the web with 45,000 activity scenes. Here, you can also make your own anime list.

9. My Anime List – It is a site for watching activity motion pictures with surveys and proposals of clasps. The site also helps you to get notification of the forthcoming film.

10. Animefrenzy – For watching anime and series, consider this site and make the most of your activity motion pictures on your mobile. Here, you can watch Anime, Cartoon, films and many more genres without any payment of fees.

11. Chia anime – It is a site for appreciating top notch anime for web based streaming. Access the platform and get a class list for experience, parody, enchantment, space and so forth. The pop-up ads can be annoying, but you block them with the AdBlock extension of your browser. At the platform, you will get the Recommended Anime section, which contains the most relevant or popular day titles with English subtitles.

12. Tubi.tv – It is a Japanese film assortment, which provides you a huge collection of films from exemplary blockbusters to new shows. Just discover shows and films effortlessly.

13. GoGoAnime – It offers anime movies and TV shows for its users. The best part of the site is that it is easy to navigate and fast. Without creating an account or any membership, you will get your favorite anime or movie on any of your devices. With a simple user interface, access the platform to get the entire anime collection in different genres and sections. On this site, you can download updates for anime currently in progress and get updates on upcoming releases of the favorite series.

14. AnimeDao – It is an excellent option to search a lot of free and extensive content. Its simple interface and well-organized content makes the platform similar to 4Anime that has daily broadband updates. Simply download your favorite anime, save them to your devices and watch at any time without an internet connection.

15. Worm gear roller – It is a 100% legal anime website, which comes with an additional premium subscription but users have free access to a large collection of anime, dramas and live performances. It also has applications for Android and iOS devices.

Is 4anime a legal anime streaming website?

4anime is not a legal streaming site as it is not licensed to be hosted through its interface. The anime online videos are provided by third parties and also, it distributes content without permission from the property owners.

Proxy Links of 4anime –

This platform offers pirated content to its users but is knocked down by the government several times. If you want to visit the proxy links to stream animated content then check the following ones:

  • 4anime.co
  • 4anime.in
  • 4anime.co.in
  • 4anime.info
  • 4anime.com
  • 4anime.org
  • 4anime.nz
  • 4anime.nl
  • 4anime.us
  • 4anime.to
  • 4anime.bz
  • 4anime.best                                     

How can you download the latest movies at 4anime?

Follow the given instructions:

  1. Open the latest website of 4anime.
  2. Search the movie at the home page of the website. You can also find the movie by typing its name.
  3. Click on the movie name and check all options to download and watch movies online.
  4. For downloading purpose, click on the download link.
  5. Press the Download button and movie will start downloading.

Why is it important to use VPN while accessing 4anime?

  1. It keeps your identity safe.
  2. It helps hiding your location.
  3. Highly secure access to the internet.
  4. Bypassing censorship
  5. Geographical restrictions.
  6. Protection against hackers.


4Anime is the video streaming website which helps you by offering user scripts that you can install on your computer. Access any episode of your favorite anime series by visiting this streaming site frequently. Also, it ensures you to have the latest information on anime by offering news information and updates. Accessing the site helps you to get the latest information about the popular anime series.