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5 SEO Tactics You Need to Know

There are no general rules to follow in search engine optimization (SEO). Google also keeps changing the algorithms, and it’s challenging to figure out how to stand out in SEO. The key is to use various tactics properly. With the right approach, it’s possible to do well and appear on top of search engines. It’s even easier with the help of an Austin SEO expert. Businesses in the area can maximize the services offered by these experts. Here are five strategies that can help small business owners do well in SEO. 

1. Improve the user experience

When designing the website, it’s not only about the aesthetic appeal of the page. It also helps to focus on user experience. Visitors shouldn’t have a hard time exploring the website. They also need to find what they’re looking for right away. 

Start by creating a responsive website. The page should load quickly and not have any issue when opened with whatever device. More people use their phones for online transactions, and they need to have a smooth experience. Mobile users will close the website if it’s not convenient for them. 

The next step is to optimize the specific landing pages. Avoid using the homepage all the time. You’re making it harder for users to find the information they need to know before pursuing a transaction. If optimizing the keyword phrases containing the products, the user should get redirected to the product or service page. 

It’s also critical to have a website that everyone can use. People with disabilities shouldn’t have a hard time browsing the website. Videos need subtitles for people with hearing disabilities. Pictures should also have written descriptions to help people with virtual problems. These are only some steps to improve everyone’s user experience. 

2. Optimize for voice searches

The keywords used with voice searches are usually different. They’re longer and in a question form. If the company optimizes regular keywords typed, they’re shorter. They only contain a few words. The reason for optimizing voice searches is it will be the future of SEO. More people use voice assistants in everyday life. It used to be a device that only a few people consider using. Since it’s more convenient to find anything online using voice assistants, many people prefer using them. The process is still the same, but the targets are longer keywords. Keyword search tools remain helpful in finding the target keywords. The good thing about this endeavor is most companies are yet to start one. It helps to be first in line since it’s easier to rank higher. 

3. Write quality and informative content

Content will always be the center of any SEO campaign. Google will rank websites higher if they contain quality content. Once visitors open the website, they will appreciate seeing relevant content. It’s not enough to use technical SEO correctly and end up with a website no one appreciates. The key is to write content for human readers. While there are technical components to consider to rank high, the priority is to make the website appealing to the users. 

Start by thinking of a unique topic that isn’t available elsewhere. Make sure it contains the right keywords, and they get sprinkled across the content. Use a striking headline that will make readers curious. Include statistics and facts to back the claims up. 

The article should be of the right length. It can’t be too short that it no longer contains anything useful or new. It also can’t be too long that no one wants to read it anymore. The key ideas should be in the first part of the article. Avoid writing content that forces people to buy the products. They need to know more information first. They also have to view the company as an expert in the industry. In doing so, they have a reason to trust the brand and decide to buy. They might not do it now, but they will come back and read more. Eventually, they will purchase what the company offers. Maintaining a positive reputation is challenging, and having quality content helps. 

Google also ranks websites with excellent content higher. The role of search engines is to recommend the best website to the users based on the keywords used. Websites with terrible content won’t make it on top. 

4. Maximize the use of videos 

Videos are popular content. Most people like watching videos instead of reading long articles. However, there are too many videos for people to consume across platforms. Create entertaining and informative videos that everyone will appreciate. Don’t rely on commercial videos. People don’t like getting asked to buy something. They watch videos to relax or get new ideas. 

5. Work with social media influencers 

Another SEO strategy is to work with social media influencers. These people always succeed in creating viral content. They also have a massive following. When they include endorsements of brands on their videos, there’s an excellent chance people will consider buying the products. Since they have a specific audience, it’s easier to determine the right influencer to work with. 


Identifying the right strategy can be a daunting task. Work with experts who understand SEO well and provide the best tips to move forward.