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Alvernette Jimenez: Get all the details about Alvernette Jimenez here

Alvernette Jimenez is certainly a name that everyone can recall who was a kid in the 1980s. Alvernette Jimenez was one of the prominent television stars at that time. Alvernette gained a lot of fame in the 1980s due to her participation in the American sitcom Gimme a Break.

From October 1981 until May 1987, six seasons of this American sitcom aired on NBC. The protagonist was Nell Carter, the widowed police chief Nellie Ruth Nell Harper’s housekeeper. Other main characters of the show included Dolph Sweet as Karl Kanisky, Kari Michaelsen as Kathleen Katie Kanisky, and Lauri Hendler as Julie Kanisky Maxwell.

Alvernette Jimenez was also in the show and she portrayed Angie McDaniel in the show as a recurring character. However, besides working in the television show, she disappeared after 1985.

So, continue reading the article to know more about Alvernette Jimenez, her personal life, her professional career, and where she is now.

Alvernette Jimenez Biography

Alvernette Jimenez was born in May 1953 and is a popular former American actress and model. She is best known for working in the TV show named Gimme a Break which aired from 1981 to 1985.

In the show, she portrayed the character Angie as Nell Carter’s friend. Besides this show, she has also appeared in other shows like Sanford in 1981 as Bunny and The Shape of Things in 1982 as herself.

You can explore most about her life through her Linkedin profile. As per her LinkedIn profile, she began modeling when she was 12 years of age. Later, in 1987, she started her acting career after she said hello to a movie star.

That movie star is anonymous as no one knows his name. But it is known that he sent Alvernette to meet a producer at CBS and asked him to put her on TV and the rest they say is history.

Even Alvernette Jimenez admits on her LinkedIn profile that these things actually do occur in real life. So, one could argue that she led a Hollywood fairy tale.

Educational Qualification of Alvernette Jimenez 

According to the information present on her profile on social media, she completed her graduation from Locke High School in Los Angeles, California, in 1971. After that, she went to the University of California in Los Angeles from 2007 to 2009.

Personal life of Alvernette Jimenez

Alvernette Jimenez has two children including her son Overseer David Montel Tate of The Power of Praise Full Gospel Church in Compton, California and her daughter is April Nicole Tate.

The Career of Alvernette Jimenez

She has taken part in numerous charities and humanitarian initiatives throughout her life. She contributed her time, for instance, to the American Cancer Society between March 1997 and May 2004.

She has assisted in Facebook fundraising efforts for the Breast Cancer Research Fund and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

Alvernette expresses her gratitude for the experience by saying that she has chosen this non-profit organization because their goal means a lot to her and she also hopes that others will contribute as a way to celebrate with her. 

Jimenez once wrote in a post on her social media page that Each day we live is a blessing from God. God is the one who grants us life and another chance to improve ourselves. to think that he is both the first and last. Another day to give the Lord, who loves us much more than any of us deserve, everything good. Enjoy another fantastic day of life and thank God. Be a shining example of God’s love by doing something kind for someone.

You can learn more about her professional background by looking at her LinkedIn profile page.

From March 1984 to March 1989, she reportedly worked as a medical transcriptionist at the UCLA Medical Center. While she was Angie McDaniel, she covered this period for American television.

The former American actress then worked as a customer service agent for Cox Enterprise from 1996 to March 2010.

From March 1996 to the present, she has worked as an administrative secretary at Telere.

Where Is She Now?

As we previously mentioned, Alvernette Jimenez has worked as an administrative secretary for Telere since March 1996, according to her LinkedIn profile.

In her Linkedin profile, she writes that she absolutely appreciated the experience with this organization. Met a number of fascinating folks. And she regretted not being there because she enjoyed her work and she was the expert to turn to.

She was listed as having worked there up until this point, but she spoke as though everything is over. She also has a paragraph about her experience with acting and modeling on Linkedin.

Also, she wrote on her social media about her acting career, “Started Acting in 1978 when I greeted a movie star. He treated me so well that he sent me to meet a producer at CBS and told him that he needed to put me on TV, and the rest is history. Yes, such things do occur outside of the film industry.

Jimenez only mentioned that she began modeling when she was 12 years old while discussing her modeling career.

A part about volunteering, which she adores and enjoys doing, is also included in the profile. From May 1997 through May 2004, she volunteered with the American Cancer Society.

The actress added that it shocked her that so many people weren’t aware. She stepped in with all the knowledge at that point. She met a lot of people who have donated to research. She felt great to simply contribute her time.

How can you find her?

Alvernette Jimenez is not active on any social media platform like Instagram, Facebook, or any other similar platforms. You can only find her on Linkedin as she has a profile there where she used to post about her life and journey.

However, now she doesn’t seem as active as she used to be. There are not many recent posts on her LinkedIn profile from the past few years. The reason could be that she will be turning 70 years old as of 2023 so now she might not be able to post about herself on social media accounts.

Net Worth of Alvernette Jimenez

If you are also wondering about the net worth of the former actress Alvernette Jimenez then here we have mentioned that. Alvernette Jimenez was known for Gimme a Break in 1981, Sanford in 1980, and The Shape of Things in 1982, and for working on such big projects her net worth can be estimated at approximately $3 million.

This is a decent amount for a movie star that was mostly known in the 1980s and as more than 40 years have passed since she first appeared on the TV screen so what more can you expect?

The final words

So overall, this was all about Alvernette Jimenez who is one of the well-known TV stars of the 1980s. She has worked on not only TV but also has done several other jobs. We hope you found this guide on Alvernette Jimenez helpful and that it has resolved all your queries related to where she is now.