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Captain Vijayant Thapar: Kargil War Veteran and one of the bravest soldiers in Indian Army

Who is Vijayant Thapar?

Vijayant Thapar was a captain of the Indian Army and he was part of the famous Rajputana Rifles (infantry regiment). He martyred in Kargil war in 1999. He is known as one of the bravest Indian soldiers. He was born on 26 December 1976 in Nagal, Punjab, India. He was only 22 years old when he lost his life for his country. The colour of his eyes is black and His hair are also black. His height is 5 feet 11 inches. He is an Indian person of Hindu religion. His weight is around 70kg.

Captain Vijayant Thapar education:

Vijayant Thapar studied at Army Public School and DAV College, Chandigarh. Then he completed his further studies from St. Joseph’s Academy in Meerut and after that he obtained his diploma from Khalsa College, Delhi. His childhood was mostly spent with soldiers, weapons and tanks. The sounds of combat formations kept coming a few hundred feet from his house. He was a very intelligent and happy child, who naturally concentrated on outdoor activities. He was also very good in studies. Later, he also developed a keen interest in bodybuilding and for some time he focused his body towards bodybuilding. ‘Robin’ was his given name.

Captain Vijayant Thapar family:

Vijayant Thapar was born in an army family. His great-grandfather, his grandfather and his father all of them served in the Indian Army, so it was easy for him to decide what he wanted to do in life. From a young age, he carried around like a soldier carrying his father’s cap and a cane.

Captain Vijayant Thapar’s father’s name is Colonel VN Thapar, an army officer. His mother’s name is Ms. Tripta Thapar. He joined the Maratha Light Infantry. and commanded a battalion of the Jammu and Kashmir Rifles. The baby was named ‘Vijayant’ after the battle tank at the time of his birth.

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Captain Vijayant Thapar Kargil War:

On June 29, 1999, Vijayant Thapar was fatally shot on the battlefield during the Nol attack of the Kargil war. He was 22 years old. It was a matter of great sorrow for his family that they lost their son. Even today, when his father goes to work in the morning, he has many memories of his son ‘Robin’, “who loved going out, who always dreamed” – in his neighbourhood Vijayant Enclave, a few meters from their home. Vijayant Thapar used to go for a walk in the park.

His father named him after the army’s battle tank Vijayant. It means to be victorious in the end. Ahead of Kargil Vijay Diwas, DLF Mall in Noida organized an event to pay tribute to the martyrs of the 1999 Kargil war. As part of the tribute, they have displayed Captain Vijayant Thapar’s uniform, and on Saturday, Captain Thapar’s father, retired Colonel Virendra Thapar, tweeted a photo of his son with the uniform. His wife Tripta Thapar is also with him in the photo.

A unique story of love and compassion:

There was a Kashmiri girl named Ruksana. She lost her voice when her father was brutally murdered by terrorists in front of her eyes in their village in Kupwara district of Jammu and Kashmir. She was only six years old then. This girl’s entire world was destroyed, when his father Mohammad Akbar was shot by foreign mercenaries. Then Captain Vijayant Thapar came to know about Ruksana from her aunt and what had happened to that 6-year-old girl. Later he met that girl and started loving her very much. Captain Thapar and his “assistant” constable Jagmal Singh Shekhawat whenever they got time. He used to visit Ruksana, and bring sweets and toffees for her.

The beautiful relationship between the two turned into trust and Captain Thapar’s continuous efforts bore fruit, and Ruksana started speaking little by little. Then one day she would be completely fine and started speaking. Captain Thapar started contributing a small amount every month to the girl’s poor family for her education. Before going to the operation theatre, he said to donate some money to the orphanage also and keep sending some money to Ruksana every month.

Captain Vijayant Thapar last letter:

Dearest Papa, Mama and Granny,

By the time you get this letter I’ll be observing you all from the sky enjoying the hospitality of the Apsaras. I have no regrets, in fact even I become a human again, I’ll join the Army and fight for my Nation. If you can, please come and see where the Indian Army fought for you tomorrow.

As far as the unit is concerned the new chaps should be told about this sacrifice. I hope my photo will be kept in the ‘A’ Coy Mandir. Whatever organ can be taken should be done. Contribute some money to orphanage and keep on giving Rs 50/ to Ruksana per month and meet Yogi Baba.

Best of luck to Bindia, never forget this sacrifice of men. Papa you should feel proud, Mama so should you meet **** (I loved her).

Mamaji forgive me for everything wrong I did. Ok then its time for me to join my clan of dirty dozen, my assault party has 12 chaps.

Best of Luck to you all,

Live life King Size,

Yours Robin


Who was Vijayant Thapar?

Ans: Vijayant Thapar was a Kargil war veteran. He was captain of the Indian Army.

When Vijayant Thapar was martyred?

Ans: He martyred in Kargil war in 29th June 1999.

Captain Vijayant Thapar was part of which Regiment?

Ans: He was from famous Rajputana Rifles regiment.