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Five Best Reasons to Consider a Divorce Mediation in Sandy

Divorce couples who want to actively make decisions should consider divorce mediation. This works by hiring a divorce mediator who will guide them through different sessions, so they can come up with a fair settlement agreement. The mediator can be a Sandy divorce attorney who offers both parties the flexibility to decide and negotiate for themselves about significant concerns like child custody, asset division, child support, and spousal support.  The following are the benefits of divorce mediation:

Puts the Best Interest of the Children First

In mediation, you and your spouse will create a plan focused on what’s best for your kids. Your mediator can keep both of you informed and focus on the needs of your kids. They will engage you and your spouse in a more sensitive way. With mediation, your children do not have to appear in court, where they can be exposed to increased conflict, tension, and verbal attacks.

Save Money and Time

Typically, one spouse pays for the mediator. You or your spouse pays for meetings with them and for their time helping you create the separation agreement. Meanwhile, in divorce litigation, you and your spouse pay two lawyers separately for discussions, court appearances, and drafting motion papers. A lengthy divorce battle and trial require substantial financial resources. Moreover, divorce mediation takes just two to three sessions. In litigation, court dates can be scheduled after several months. 

Discuss Matters Productively and Get Better Outcomes

An excellent mediator can help you develop new skills, so you can effectively communicate with one another. Once you stop arguing over the past, you can easily concentrate on ways to move forward. After some time, this can minimize your stress. 

During mediation, you and the mediator pick the topics you wish to discuss and settle. Unlike in court, you have the final say over your divorce agreement’s terms. You and your spouse make decisions about you and the kids.  Also, you both have control over the speed of making decisions, when to file the divorce petition, and your divorce terms. 

Get Personalized Attention

When you choose divorce mediation, you work with a mediator who will propose and consensus on resolving divorce-related issues. They will elicit, generate, and explore options as well as help you negotiate. Your mediation will help you make decisions and create a final agreement. 

Enjoy More Stability After Divorce

When conflicts arise after your divorce, you can consult with the same mediator to help you moderate the disputes. Also, they can clarify or change your agreement as necessary. They are aware of your agreement, familiar with the issues and the dynamics of your family, and can step in when necessary.