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Is Beatmall Safe?: Review of the Beatmall Website in detail! 

As we are all aware of the current popularity of electric vehicles because everyone is aware of the rising cost of gasoline and thus electric vehicles are becoming more and more popular in India. Do you wish to purchase an electric bicycle at a discount? Are you also interested in different kinds of bicycles that are made with modern technology? If yes, then you would love to explore the Beatmall website that is gaining popularity for its bikes. If you want to buy an electric car, bike, or cycle online, there are many possibilities on the market. These electric cars are reasonably priced and readily available on the Beatmall website as well. You can use Beatmall Reviews to help you assess the reliability of a website that claims to sell a variety of electric bicycle brands. We advise reading Beatmall Reviews before purchasing an electric bicycle from them.

So, continue reading the article to get all the details of the Beatmall website so that you can decide if it is worth buying from the Beatmall website or not.

About Beatmall

Beatmall website is a recently created cheap e-commerce website that deals in electric bikes. Among the bicycles offered on the Beatmall website include electric cross-country mountain bikes, electric across-country bikes, mountain bike sports, and 21 electric gear bikes. There are plenty of other options too so that customers can choose what they are looking for. The website claims that they offer high-quality bicycles and 24/7 customer assistance as well so that customers won’t find any trouble. Moreover, as per their policy, you have 30 days to return your bicycle for a refund if you are not satisfied with it. 

The company claims that they sell their products all over the world so irrespective of your geographical location you can order what you like. The quality of their goods is also guaranteed. Additionally, all of their bicycles come with a sizable discount so that customers can save maximum money. Let’s explore more about the website to know the benefits and drawbacks of using the website.

Specification of Beatmall Website

If you are interested in bikes and want to purchase them from the Beatmall website then you must know some important details about this website. The following are some specifications of the Beatmall website as mentioned below: 

Website Link– The official URL link to visit the Beatmall website is https://beatmall.in/.

Category – The Beatmall website sells various types of bicycles of high quality.

Domain Age – The domain age of the website is not available. 

Company Address – There is no company address and data available on the Beatmall website.

Email – They have provided email support to contact their team which is beat.mall77@gmail.com.

Contact No – They have not uploaded any contact number on the website. 

Social Media Links – Social media links of Beatmall company are available on the website.

Newsletter – The newsletter is available on the Beatmall website.

Payment Modes – They have provided various payment options such as Mastercard, Visa, American Express, and PayPal.

Shipping charges – Beatmall website provides free shipping on all of its products.

Delivery Time – There is no data or policy available for the Beatmall website so you cannot estimate how many days you will get your product.

Return Time – The website claims to accept returns within 30 Business Days. 

Refund Time – There is no data available for the return policy as well. 

Exchange Time – The website has not mentioned any exchange policy.

Beatmall Reviews- If you want to check the reviews of the Beatmall website then you can check out the benefits and drawbacks of purchasing from this website.

What are the benefits of purchasing from beatmall? 

The following are some of the main benefits of shopping on the Beatmall website: 

  • The Beatmall website is encrypted using HTTPS. 
  • On the website, they offer huge discounts on all types of bikes.
  • They have mentioned all the major social media links on the website including Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest. 

What are the drawbacks of purchasing from beatmall? 

Besides having benefits of shopping from the Beatmall website, there are several drawbacks as well which are as follows: 

  • The return, exchange, and refund policies are not clearly stated on the Beatmall website.
  • The website does not provide contact information for the company so customers cannot contact them.
  • The website does not have any information about the owner of the company.
  • The user interface of the website is poor and unattractive.

Is the Beatmall website Legit to use? 

As we all know that scammers use a lot of tactics to defraud you and thus you should be aware of them. There are a few factors you should consider to protect yourself from online scams especially before purchasing anything from an online store. If you are also wondering if the Beatmall website is legit to use or not then here are the points to consider before purchasing from the site: 

Address Originality – The website does not have any address information mentioned.

Domain Creation Date – We do not know when the website was created as its domain age is not uploaded on the Internet. 

Social Media Icons & Connections -The Beatmall website has provided links to all its accounts on different social media platforms.

Content Quality – The content available on the website is plagiarized from other questionable websites. 

Date of Domain Expiration – There is no date of domain expiration of the Beatmall website uploaded on the Internet. 

Customer Feedback – There are no reviews from customers about the Beatmall website mentioned on the website.

Index Rank – This website’s index rank is 65.6 out of 100 which indicates that it is a well-known and standard website.

Owner Information – The website does not have mentioned its owner information anywhere.

Trust Score – The trust score of the Beatmall website is 60% which seems to be good.

Policy – The different policies listed on the website are not unique as they seem to be copied from another site. 

Alexa Rank – The Beatmall website has no global ranking on the Alexa rank so you can assume it to be zero. 

Discount Available – The Beatmall website offers large discounts on their website which makes it suspicious as no credible company would offer such discounts.

So considering all these points, the Beatmall website doesn’t seem to be legit. There are certainly good and bad points about the website so you should purchase products by keeping those points in mind.

Customer’s Beatmall Reviews 

On the Beatmall website, we couldn’t find any customer reviews so it is difficult to tell what was the experience of customers shopping at this website. We looked at the website on other platforms as well, but there were also no reviews. However, we came across several YouTube comments suggesting that the site is a fraud. So we would not recommend you to use the Beatmall website without proper research.

The Bottom Line 

On the Beatmall website, the company offers huge discounts on bikes so that customers can save a lot of money. However, there are several warning signs about this website. This site is suspicious because it has few reviews despite having an average trust score. In addition to this, until more trustworthy information becomes accessible, it would be beneficial if you would look for Beatmall Reviews before purchasing any item on the website.