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Isabella Jane Cruise- the Adoptive daughter of Tom Cruise.

Isabella Jane cruise is an apple of the eyes of Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman. She is the first child or first daughter of them. They adopt her after the miscarriage of Kidman in 1992. In this way, Isabella brought new hope to the life of this Hollywood couple. She is well known and celebrated as the adopted child of Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman.

Before adopting Isabella, Nicole had suffered from two miscarriages in the 1990s due to ectopic pregnancy. Her ex-husband and she were both members of the Church of Scientology. Fortunately, with the help of church officials, the ex-couple was able to legally adopt Isabella, who was born to one of the church’s members in Miami. Isabella’s birth mother couldn’t afford to care for a third kid, so she agreed to give Isabella to Nicole because they both go to the same church.

Early life and birth of Isabella Jane.

Isabella was born on December 22, 1992, in an unrevealed hospital in Miami, Florida, USA. There is no information available about her real mother except she was also a member of the Church of Scientology. Tom & Nicole always love and raise her like their own child. She is currently 28 years old and 5 feet and 6 inches tall.

Isabella wanted to be a screenwriter since she was a child. Tom and Nicole, on the other hand, kept Isabella away from the sparkle and glamour of Hollywood. They never took her to any premieres or events. She did not have the opportunity to attend a conventional school because she was homeschooled.

Isabella was moved to London for her higher education, where she studied art. She went on to obtain a 12-month professional hairdressing diploma at the ‘Sassoon Academy.’ She had a wealth of skills and experience in hairstyling and make-up by that point. She enrolled in London’s famed “Delamar Academy of Make-up & Hair” in Ealing Studios. She is presently concentrating on establishing her own style and make-up academy.

Complicated and stressful childhood.

The mother-daughter relationship went through many ups and downs as she has grown up. They both were so attached and closed until Nicole divorced Tom Cruise in 2001. This divorce harmed Isabella especially From Nicole. she was more of a Father’s daughter than a mother’s daughter. She had suffered from a very stressful time until 2009 when Tom Cruise married his third wife Katie Holmes. Katies was very responsible and caring towards Isabella like a real mom. But Katie also took divorce from Tom in 2019. Meanwhile, Isabella’s and Nicole’s relationship took a very worsened up to the point where she even stopped calling her mom.

Siblings of Isabella.

Isabella has four siblings named -Connor, Suri Cruise, Sunday Rose & Faith Margaret respectively.

Conner is also an adopted child of the Cruise family, born in 1995 in Florida. Currently, he is 24 years old and pursuing the field of entertainment as a Disc Jockey . he is married to another Scientologist member named Silvia.

Suri Cruise is a half-sister of Isabella. She is the child of Katie Holmes, the third wife of Tom Cruise. Currently, she is 15 years old and making her career in the Hollywood industry like her parents.

Sunday Rose and Faith Margaret are biological daughters of Nicole Kidman born through Gestational Surrogacy with popular country Musician, Keith Urban.

Thomas Mapother III & Marry Lee Pfeiffer Paternally and Antony Kidman & Janelle Ann Kidman are the grandparents of Isabella.

Personal life of Isabella Jane Cruise.

The personal life of Isabella is very interesting. the two most famous and revealed relationships of her were with Eddie Frencher and Max Parker.

Eddie Frencher is the first name in her relationships list which went public. He was first seen with her in January 2017 at her brother Connor’s birthday party. They both lived together in an apartment for several years in Downtown, Los Angeles. Isabella, on the other hand, left the United States to study art in London, England. Long-distance was a serious barrier in their relationship, which ended in late 2013. Currently, he is a  musician and a very well-known member of the Indie music group.

Relationship life with Max Parker.

After the breakup with Eddie Frencher, Isabella met with Max Parker and fell in love with him. The couple got married on the 18th of September,2015 at Dorchester Hostel in London. It was a secretive Scientologist ceremony with few close friends and family members. But the great amuse news is that both her parents Tom and Nicole cruise didn’t attend her marriage, due to their personal grudges according to some sources. Isabella refused to take financial support or benefits from her parents but always expresses her deep love for her father, Tom.

Max Parker’s parents, Beverly & Lester Parker also didn’t attend the marriage to avoid the attention of media, they claimed this during a public interview.

Max Parker is an I.T consultant and currently, they live in a semi-detached house situated in Croydon, London. They are living a very simple lifestyle there rather than a lavish one.

The last words.

Two years after their marriage, Max and Bella moved into their semi-detached house. Currently, her net worth is around $20,000. She always being active on social media and post unique pictures for her fans.