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John Legere – To Become The Un-Candidate For Political Aspirations

The former T-Mobile CEO and aspiring Batman, John Legere has reacted to the mob that attacked the Capitol like many other political and business leaders. Also, he is going a step further by considering a run for political office himself. He left his post as CEO and member of T-Mobile’s board when he successfully negotiated the merger between the company and Sprint.

T-Mobile’s CEO turned the company into the “Un-Carrier” that is a plan that came with an end to contracts, revamped mobile plans and a variety of freebies and perks for customers. Legere was bold and unafraid to roast the competition, and his attitude is unique for un-presidential strategy.

The logic of Legere’s Un-Carrier programs was actually zero-rating data from certain music and video streaming services. Legere was publicly in support of net neutrality at the time of being CEO. There were some zero-rating schemes, like Binge On and T-Mobile’s other perks which actively favored the services as well. According to Legere’s priorities, a healthy internet and a strong Federal Communications Commission might not be at the top.

Legere was quite serious for appearing as the heightened version of himself that made him the unofficial mascot of T-Mobile. There were executives from the tech industry, like former HP CEO Meg Whitman, who made attempts to hold a political office.