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Know the Facts and History of Rakhi that You Probably Didn’t Know

Raksha Bandhan comes in the month of Shravan on the day of the full moon. This day is marked as the day of siblings as on this day, sisters, and brothers come together to convey their love for each other and also pray for their well being. The sisters tie a rakhi knot to his brother’s wrist, in return he promises to protect her sister from evil and give a beautiful send rakhi to mumbai & gift. Today this is not a festival celebrated among the siblings, but also between friends and the close ones to whom the people want to spread their message of love and care.

How to Celebrate Raksha Bandhan

On the festival of Rakhi, sisters put tilak on their brothers ‘foreheads, tie the holy thread called Rakhi on their brothers’ wrist and do arati and prayer for their long and happy lives. This thread, expressing love and profound feelings, is named ‘Raksha Bandhan’ which means ‘a safe bond.’ In return, the brother gives his sister a rakhi gift and promises to look after her. In some countries, sisters also first tie a Rakhi on the Tulasi plant and another Rakhi on the peepal tree asking for the protection of nature. 

Significance of Raksha Bandhan

If we go down in the history books and Indra and Indrani myth, Indra’s consort Indrani ties a holy thread to his wrist to shield him from the devils. This tale tells us that Rakhi was used to defend from evil our near ones. It was also used as a means of bringing together the Hindus and Muslims during the Devotion and Security Day of Bengal Raksha Bandhan. This day is observed to bestow affection on one another, especially among siblings. Sisters tie Rakhi to his brother and pray for his well-being to god, and the brother pledges to protect her from evil. People also tie rakhi to their friends and others in the neighbourhood to share care and love. But if we go down in our history, Rabindranath Tagore used rakhi to bring peace and brotherhood between the two.

Raksha Bandhan Legands

Raksha Bandhan festival is celebrated for defence. In Hindu Mythology as well as in history, there are multiple stories and myths, where Gods have bound the rakhi to shield their loved ones for security. Here we describe some stories about rakhi: 

Indra Indrani:  

This myth informs us that Rakhi is a unique protection thread and not only to protect the brothers but also to those we love. The story of Indra and Indrani happens during the Vedic period when there was a battle between gods and demons. Indrani, Indra’s wife, tied her husband’s wrist with a holy thread to defend them from the evil demons.

Krishna and Draupadi: In the Mahabharata, as he sent his Sudarshan Chakra from his finger to behead Shishupala, Lord Krishna had hurt his arm so badly. Draupadi then healed his finger off her saree with a piece of cloth. Moved by her deed Lord Krishna vowed to shield her from all odds.

Yama Yamuna: In this story, Yama tied a holy thread on the wrist of his brother Yamuna to protect him from the curse of death and circumcision from his stepmother, Chhaya. He told his mother that he noticed she was unhappy with her fake story and gave him this curse that had been lifted due to the threat.

King Bali and Goddess Laxmi: Goddess Laxmi identified herself as a Brahmin lady, and on Shravan, Purnima Day tied a rakhi to King Bali. She then revealed herself and asked the king to set his friend, Lord Vishnu, free and let him go back to Vaikunth.

The Message of Rakhi

Raksha Bandhan expresses the deep bond of love and respect. But from a more in-depth view, the Rakhi festival (Raksha Bandhan) represents a basic message of universal friendship and sisterhood. Thus the Rakhi festival gives an impression that has socio-spiritual meaning underlining the need to preserve positive qualities, the integrity of mind, thought and deed.

Importance of Gifts

Gift plays an essential role in every celebration and when we talk about the festival of rakhi, how we can forget gifts. Gifts are important for the celebration of Raksha Bandhan. Siblings express their internal love and care by giving gifts to each other. So, if you want to impress your sister and brother on this rakhi, give them a beautiful rakhi gift. Many online stores offer you a variety of rakhi gifts that you can opt as per your need. Such as flowers, cakes, dresses, sweets, and many more you can choose. You can also send rakhi gifts online to your brother or sister with your love and care. 

These are some facts and significance of rakhi celebration that will surely be liked by you.