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LG Rollable Phone – An Expandable Reach To The Users

LG is once again teasing its rollable phone by providing the best look at the devices. LG Rollable is the unique device which has a “unique resizable screen” that transforms from a phone into a small tablet. Its screen slides in and out of place to extend its surface area. This is one of the best concepts of LG’s “Explorer Project” experiments but it’s unknown exactly what technology LG is using or the size of the expandable display.

LG has used its Explorer Project to introduce its LG Wing smartphone that has a wild rotating design and two OLED displays. It is still a mystery whether LG’s Rollable phone will ever launch in the market in the future. Various other companies have been marked in the industry, which are investigating rollable phone displays.

Last year, TCL showed off a number of future phone concepts. Even Oppo has also demonstrated a concept device with an expandable OLED display. There are several phone manufacturers which are yet to move beyond the concept and experiment phase with their rollable phones.