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MissQGemini – A Popular Player or A Cheater? .

We all love games on Android phones, especially esports. Most of us also love to watch esports where we can see professional gamers playing competitively as individuals or as a team. So, if you are also a fan of games then “Twitch” is the best platform for you. Twitch is an American live video streaming service and it also broadcasts esports competitions so you can watch gamers or streamers playing live on this platform. As we know every game has a creator, MissQGemini is also a creator who is so famous on Twitch TV. Everything was going well, she was a well-known streamer on this live streaming platform but everything got changed when she was blamed for cheating. Cheating is not a crime but it defames you, and your whole reputation as a well-known gamer will go in vain. She defended herself and fought intensely for the accusations.

 Let’s read the whole story of the scandal which happened, what was the reaction and what is the current scenario of MissQGemini.

The Controversy.

It is totally bad to do swindling. Many games like Counter-Strike (CO) and Global Offensive(GO), have people like cheaters. During one of the live stream broadcasts of MissQGemini, she said that she is accused of cheating because she is a woman.

Twitch can record the streams as well. So when one of the viewers asked her about the scam, she ignored the question and continued playing. In one of the recorded videos, it can be seen that she can see players on the other side of the divider. She continued playing knowing that others were watching her. She tried to regain it, claiming it was a glitch.

Her Response.

Being asked in the chat that it was a known glitch, she claimed that her partner Rock had done the glitch and now is likely experiencing it. She also blamed her friend Clara. She said that Clara had used her computer before that day. Clara is banned once before also for fraud. She kept on blaming others and continued giving false reasons in panic.

She claimed so many hypotheses but she was caught red-handed by people who saw her. As a result, she closed her streams and was no longer seen on the Twitch platform. However, people discussed the scam and called her a fraud.

HAC banned MQG.

People thought that Twitch would boycott MissQGemini after this but it didn’t happen. After these actions, she was banned from the Higher Attestation Commission. Following the retaliation of the masses, she also closed her records. The important point was that Twitch never limited her. Her Twitter account was also shut down and she disappeared from the streaming community as well.

Her Next Step.

Just after a week of this scandal, she again joined with a new name. She changed her LP to Djinn. She agreed to Twitch’s bombs segment and was banned for a day. Although, there were some changes. Now, people can’t search her from her old name and her new name on Twitch was MissQGemini. But she couldn’t play as best she could and her new account was also unavailable.

Hayley Germaine.

MissQGemini realized that Twitch was no longer profitable for her because of the cheating scandal so she had better find a new platform. So, she completely disappeared from Twitch. MissQGemini, also known as Hayley Germaine, remained popular on the web. She created her youtube channel and recorded game videos but she didn’t get many subscribers. So we can say that it was not fortunate for her.

What can be the solution?.

If we have ever done any crime, cheating, or have deceived someone, the best thing we could do is that we should realize our mistake and should apologize. Apologization is the best solution. The apology doesn’t make us low, even reparation makes us superior. If she could apologize to her fans instead of saying herself right and blaming others, then she might get a chance to play again. She was a popular player and her one scandal ruined her whole image, the reputation which she created for many years. She hasn’t asked for an apology till now, it seems like she hasn’t realized what she has lost. Instead of avoiding the situation, she should regret her behavior and publicly apologize to her fans as it is about her interest. And by this, she may return to the place where she was.

The Conclusion.

I wonder how much people do hard work or practice to be the best in any particular field, in some cases, deception also. But it just takes one mistake and everything changes and your whole image, reputation and respect go in vain. It can be said that Clara didn’t make Hayley cheat, she decided to do so. Because no one can force you to commit a crime if you don’t want to do such. Our decisions and mindset decide where we are and what we are worthy of. Her one decision of cheating completely ruined her career.

Nowadays, people are so egoistic that they don’t even want to confess the crime or mistake which they have done knowingly, but the fact is it only leads them to destruction. So, learn from this story that apologizing is the best solution and learn from other’s mistakes as well.

So This was all the story of MissQGemini who was a popular player but is now known as a fraud.