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Snorkel Tour to Captain Cook Monument

If you are an adventurous person, captain cook snorkeling is an experience you should have at least once in your life. Captain Cook was an 18th Century explorer who is believed to have been killed by indigenous Hawaiians over a cultural misunderstanding. The captain cook Monument is located in front of the Ka’awaloa Flats at Kealakekua Bay.

This bay is clean, with magnificent looking clear water and well-developed reefs full of aquatic life.

It is snorkeling heaven. The only disappointing thing about snorkeling at this location is that you cannot get there by car. Below we highlight the three ways you can use to get there.


To get to the hiking trail, you need to drive to the Ka’awaloa trail, which is hidden with few parking spaces. The hike down to captain cook’s monument is challenging and doesn’t particularly offer exciting views. The trail does not also provide much shade; hence you should probably bring your hats and sunscreen.

The Hawaiian sun is usually full blast at the trail, so you should consider getting there before the midday sun if you plan to hike. The trip to the bay is around 45 minutes to 1 hour and double that to hike back up. The hike is a bit treacherous. You should consider using the two other routes mentioned below if you can afford them.

Kayak Rentals

The captain cook snorkeling area is best accessible by water. Kayaking is less tiresome than hiking, relatively affordable, and faster. It will take you between 15-20 minutes to get to the monument.

You can hire your kayaks or use a kayaking tour company. It is important to note that you cannot dock your kayaks on the Ka’awaloa Flats. You will need to tie your boats together on the water and watch them while snorkeling.

You can enter from the concrete wall, although a bit slippery. If you used a Kayaking tour company or are lucky to find one there, you can use their ladders. The exit is even more challenging and tricky if you don’t have a ladder. So you should go with a Kayaking tour company unless you are confident in yourself.

It is now mandatory to have permits when taking a vessel into the Kealakekua Bay. The state put this measure into place to avert further damage to the coral reefs and shoreline. When hiring a kayak or booking a kayaking tour company, ensure the boat has a permit. You can also get yourself a permit, but it usually takes several weeks.

Using a Boat

The easiest way to captain cook Snorkeling bay is by boat. The tour guides are familiar with the best place to dock, where you will find the best views and the best diving locations.

Most of the tour companies provide lunch, snorkeling gear, and historical and cultural information.


You can never truly say you have snorkeled before experiencing captain cook snorkeling. The state has done a magnificent job of ensuring the water and shores are clean and free from pollution. The bay offers a view of various aquatic life in their numbers.