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The Undertaker’s First Wife: Who is Jodi Lynn Calaway?


The name Jodi Lynn Calaway may not be one that springs to mind instantly. If we mention ‘The Undertaker’, one of the world’s great professional wrestlers, then things start to fall into place. Jodi Lynn Calaway is best remembered as being the ex-wife of this legendary wrestler. His real name was Mark William Calaway. Though belonging to the past, their relationship has also been part of shaping their lives.

Early Life and Background

Jodi Lynn Calaway is one very private lady. Much of her early life and background remains a mystery in the wake of the towering fame that The Undertaker has amassed over his career. Little, however, is known about that, but one can clearly tell that Jodi has lived a life ingrained with one of the most thrilling sports entertainment industries in the world.

Relationship with the Undertaker

Love apparently happened to Jodi Lynn Calaway and Mark William Calaway, aka The Undertaker, and it bloomed in the late ’80s. It was then in the year 1989 that they got married, and their togetherness took them through a whole new decade. Well, years of marriage most certainly have their ups and downs, but that’s sort of part of the deal when it comes to wrestling. It was not an ordinary relationship dealing with husband and wife stuff, but with two people making do through the exciting yet challenging life that came with The Undertaker’s rising fame.

Life After The Undertaker

Jodi Lynn Calaway, for whom a decade of married life was with The Undertaker, is sure that the reasons for divorcing remain personal, like a number of other segments in their joint life. Since the time the couple got divorced, Jodi has led a private life and remained far from the dazzling light on her head that was once on her spouse, The Undertaker.

Jodi Lynn Calaway Age

Jodi Lynn Calaway was born in 1969, meaning she is 52 years old at present. The exact date of birth of Jodi Lynn Calaway is somewhat one big mystery to the public. However, considering that the ex-husband of Jodi Lynn Calaway Undertaker, was born in 1965, she is most probably in her fifties. This speculation goes in tandem with the years of their marriage and, probably, the son’s age.

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Jodi Lynn Calaway Instagram Presence

In a way, it reflects today’s digital life of a person with some social media platforms like Instagram. But Jodi Lynn Calaway is not apparently keeping herself public-friendly. There is no verified Instagram account as of now running under her name. She looks to have decided not to disclose much after her marriage with The Undertaker was over.

What is Jodi Lynn Calaway Now Doing?

What Jodi Lynn Calaway is up to today remains somewhat nebulous. She divorced The Undertaker and has kept something of a low profile since then. Indeed, there is only little public information available about her professional life and activities thereafter. It appears that Jodi decided to live a private life away from the glare of publicity she was under because of The Undertaker.

Her Son, Gunner Vincent Calaway

This couple bore a son, and he was named Gunner Vincent Calaway. He was born in 1993, and he has been raised as an only child. Even though he is the son of a prominent wrestling athlete, just like his mother was and still is, this young man remained quite modest about personal popularity.

Jodi Lynn Calaway’s Career

Jodi Lynn Calaway’s life is somewhat of an unprofessional enigma. Since she has divorced The Undertaker, she mostly kept on her own, out of the limelight. It is clear what she does for a living, as apparently, she has chosen a private life after a divorce.


Jodi Lynn Calaway, although known to many as The Undertaker’s ex-wife, is one person who cherishes their private life. Much remains a mystery woman herself from her early life to her current activities. Definitely, there isn’t all that much known except for the fact that at one time, she was part of the world of wrestling that gives new vigour, lived a decade-long marriage with one of the biggest stars in the business, and is the mother to their son, Gunner. Jodi, in spite of having all this name and popularity on her own rights and from being married to The Undertaker, opted for a far-off life from the glamour and kept herself very private – leading the most personal life.


1. Who was The Undertaker’s first wife? 

The Undertaker’s first wife was Jodi Lynn Calaway. They got married in 1989 and were together for a decade. 

2. Who is Gunner Vincent Calaway? 

Gunner Vincent Calaway is the son of Jodi Lynn Calaway and The Undertaker. 

3. How many times did The Undertaker get married? 

The Undertaker has been married three times. His first marriage was with Jodi Lynn Calaway.