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Tips to Make Your Roof Lasts Longer by Top Roofing Companies in Colorado

Whether your roof is new or old, one thing that every homeowner wants is to make sure they can squeeze the most years out of their roof. However, there is a difference between having a good roof and having a roof that is not functioning correctly.

So not only should a roof last a long time, it should continue to do its job perfectly. While it might seem like your home’s roof is at the mercy of the elements, and you can’t do much to increase its lifespan, luckily, there is some good news for homeowners.

So if you are wondering how you can make your roof lasts as long as possible, this article is for you. In this article, we will go through some tips by Colorado roofers, such as Red Oak Exteriors, on how to make your roof last longer.

Tips by roofing companies in Colorado Springs on how to make your roof last longer

When it comes to your roof’s lifespan, everything is not entirely out of your hands. Top roofing companies in Colorado Springs are familiar with factors that can cause premature wear of your home’s roof. And here are some tips provided by them to overcome these factors to extend your roof’s life:

Tip.1 Don’t use a power washer to wash your roof shingles:

Whether after a storm or before special occasions, homeowners naturally want to make sure their roof is free from any debris or dirt. This saves them from expensive hail restoration and weather-damage repair services.

While there is nothing wrong with trying to wash your roof yourself, if you have the safety equipment and the tools needed to perform the job, it can often backfire due to a common mistake. Homeowners tend to think that their roof needs a power wash to remove all the dirt and debris stuck in between the roof shingles.

However, the truth is that the concentrated spray of water that comes out of a power washer nozzle can damage your roof shingles and reduce their lifespan. So if you want to make sure your roof stays good as new for longer, you should get your roof cleaned by a reputed roofing company.

Or, if you’re going to clean your roof yourself, you should make sure to avoid power washers to clean your roof and instead use manual methods for removing dirt and debris such as a brush or a leaf blower.

Tip.2 Make sure no branches are hanging near your roof

This one is a no-brainer. Reputed roofing companies always make sure there are no overhanging branches that can come in contact with your roof when strong winds start to blow. So if you want to make your roof last longer, you should follow the professionals and trim any tree branches that touch your ceiling from the outside.

Or else, you’ll have to get storm damage repair services near you that are both time consuming and expensive. Furthermore, over time, the areas where tree branches are constantly hitting your roof can damage and reduce its overall lifespan. Not to mention tree branches can act as a bridge and allow small animals to climb onto your roof and make it their home, which is not healthy either.

Tip 3. Keep your roof’s gutters clean

If you have been ignoring your roof gutter system, then it can spell disaster for your roof’s integrity, not to mention it can affect other structures of your home. Your roof’s gutter system is essential for removing water from the ceiling and pouring it away from it.

However, when your roof gutters are clogged, the water drainage is affected. Roofing companies in Colorado often find that clogged gutters are the root cause for most roofing-related issues. So something as simple as cleaning your roof gutters after each rain can make your roof last longer.

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