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Ways to Help a Friend Through a Breakup

Let’s all face it, break up sucks and It sucks more when it’s your best friend who is going through one. You absolutely hate seeing them upset and, sometimes, you don’t know what to do to cheer them up. Well, here are some tips to make them happy!

Comforting Food

Trust us, good food is an escape to a heartbreak. When you want to please an unhappy person, you can depend on food. Yes, there are a lot of comfort foods that actually fill the void created during a break up. Like online cake and flower delivery in Bangalore, cake and flowers are known to make one feel better. Send them flowers or take them out to their favorite restaurants.

Avoid speaking poorly about your ex

Break-ups are a time of processing and fostering positivity; Abusing is rarely productive.

Even if you’re angry about what happened to your friend’s ex, or never trusted them in the first place, it’s wise to keep your opinion to yourself until things go well. Not Making negative comments will only make your friend feel like they can’t express their feelings about missing or still in love with their ex.

Planning a day trip

Find a place neither of you has been to. Map out wherever you want to go, everything you want to see, and all the restaurants you want to try. After confronting this, a break-up occurs. Something to look forward to is a great way to combat those break-up blues and will serve as a fun distraction.

Treat Them to a Spa Day

It’s an important step in the healing process, especially after your chocolate-throwing, ever-so-cliché-hated movie night. You and your friend will definitely need some time to rest and relax, so what better way to accomplish this feat than with a day at the spa. Now’s your time to splurge, so feel free to get the full package. Just make sure not to skip the essential mani/pedi.

Avoid Places That Give Them Flashbacks

So, your best friend just broke up, the epitome of couple goals is no longer a couple. Well, it must be hurting more than you can imagine. No matter how carefree she is around you, that feeling still lives in her heart. You can hand him more than before, but one thing to keep in mind is to avoid places that could give him flashbacks. The places he and his ex went out are a big no-no.

Signing her up for dance lessons

The best way to forget about someone is to replace them with a new, healthy passion that involves movement. Yoga, Zumba, a hip-hop dance class, anything that generates positive vibes, lifts his mood, and makes him feel good about himself are the way to go.

Listen to them

When I said don’t talk about their ex, it doesn’t mean that you keep dodging when they try to talk about this person. You are their best friend, the only one with whom they can share everything, so listen to them. Remember, make them feel comfortable but don’t start cursing their ex. it will make them worse

Remind Them They Haven’t “Failed”

We talk about breakups as if they are a failure in some way, as if the more years you are with someone, you are somehow “winning” the game of life. Well, that’s just BS – if the relationship isn’t working, or has just run its course, there’s zero failure to accept it. In fact, it is very brave.

Hope these ideas will help! Cheer them up and help them get out of the toxic phase.