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Ways To Learn Android App Development

A common trend among aspiring developers is the inclination to venture into android app development. This trend has grown even stronger recently, with many aspirants getting enrolled in one android development course or the other. There are indeed several motivating reasons behind this rising passion for android app development. Android happens to be the most popularly used smartphone OS in the world. Thus, learning to develop Android apps would open up a career full of opportunities. 

How can you learn to develop Android apps?

Before you start your journey as an aspiring Android app developer, you might want to note one important thing. Although it is attractive to learn Android app development and would certainly pay off, it would take time. One cannot possibly hope to learn all about it within a month and start developing high-grade Android apps. As an aspirant, you must be patient and dedicated to gain all the necessary skills. Here are some ways to learn android app development that you may follow:

  • The JAVA fundamentals: JAVA happens to be the most commonly used programming language for developing modern applications. To master Android app development, basic knowledge of the JAVA language is a must. If you do not know how to use JAVA yet, you may pursue a course in Java Fundamentals for Android Development. This would teach you the basics of JAVA, such as syntax, paradigm, and framework. 
  • Download Android Studio IDE: The Android Studio is, without any doubt, the best Integrated Development Environment for Android app development. The fact that it comes from Google makes it even more reliable. Moreover, it offers a unified environment that allows developers to build apps for any Android device. Android Studio also supports a wide range of modern features. You are likely to use it quite frequently, and hence, building up your skills in this IDE would be worth it. 
  • Follow a book or a course: You may look for good books on Android app development and follow them. Make sure that you are comfortable with the book and try to build whatever you learn. However, learning from a book may not give you adequate practical knowledge. You may enrol yourself in an android development course if you feel that professional guidance would be more helpful. Several online institutions offer various courses in this field, and you may pick one that covers your needs. 

Which are the best courses for learning Android app development?

For learners, there are plenty of courses on Android app development to choose from. It may even be a little daunting to pick the right one from various options. However, several courses offer essential skills in this field. Some of the courses that you may consider enrolling yourself in are:

  1. Android App development with Kotlin Certification Training Course: Kotlin has found rapid adoption as an Android app development language. Android apps built using Kotlin are known to show excellent performance. The best part about Kotlin is probably its interoperability with the other languages. Google has identified Kotlin on Android as a first-class language, and this has led an increasing number of companies to start using Kotlin as their programming language. 
  2. Android App Development with Python Certification Training Course: Python is yet another popular programming language. It is one of the languages that a majority of the developers look forward to learning. Developing Android apps using Python rather than JAVA does offer several distinct benefits. For instance, it ensures quick turnaround times and allows developers to utilize the Python libraries. 
  3. Flutter Application Development Certification Training Course: Most programming languages that allow cross-platform development show poor performance. However, Flutter is one of the relatively newer languages in this domain and has gained significant popularity. Using Flutter, one can build high-quality and interactive apps that would run on Android as well as iOS devices. 

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These were only three of the best courses for learning Android app development. Make sure to visit the website of one of the leading institutions like Koenig and check out all the courses they offer. This would help you leverage your industry skills effectively and bolster your career.