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Web Design Agency Sydney discusses the psyche of fake web designers!

Last year we were seeing a three-storey home getting constructed across the road. The builders were trying to carve a horizontal striped pattern on the outer walls. The lines at first seemed perfectly distanced, but then went our eyes on the upper walls! Lines had started to go crooked – closer to each other from one end and far from the other. They first tried cementing those down to hide, and there carved the lines again. But the remnants of those hidden lines were still visible somehow. Finally, they broke down the complete plaster and started afresh. We said to ourselves, “What a terrible builder!”. Similar things happen across our lives. We look, we trust, we regret! Things go too terrible around SEO. But how do we make sure that the No 1 web design agency (Sydney) is actually the best? How do we sift the fakes out of fairs?

How to know if the Web Design Agency is fake?

We learn from experiences. Indeed, it is true. But is there a way to not experience the foul waters and learn still? Yes. All one needs is a guru to guide through the dark. When it comes to a web design agency, it becomes crucial to find a genuine one. You would not want to hire a terrible builder and then regret your decision years later. Just as there are ways to know the quality of a builder, there are ways to know the quality of your web designer. You definitely would be able to choose the Best Web Design Company (Sydney, Australia) after reading this guide throughout.

The psyche of scammers:

Scammers usually try to exploit the flaws of human behavior. To catch a scammer, you have to think like a scammer. They usually try to achieve these basic things:

  • Offering a soothing bait,
  • Numbing your rationality,
  • Showing authority,
  • Trying to create a state of urgency,

Scammers never think from an ethical point of view. Their psyche considers the business to be prime, and they take decisions keeping that business in focus. There is a story of two brothers running a cloth shop. Among them, one stays inside and the other deals with customers. The one dealing with customers acts partially deaf. When customers ask him for the price he asks it to his brother inside. When his brother shouts 8000 bucks, he acts as if he has heard 2000. He says 2000 to the customer and the customer gets lured alongside a state of urgency. This happens all the time across lives.

The psyche of web design scammers:

When it comes to web designing, technicalities get involved. But this does never mean that the fundamentals of scams get changed. There are certain qualities that distinguish a fake web design agency from that No 1 web design agency (Sydney).

  • They hold no genuine portfolio: No genuine web design agency will try to ignore a portfolio. If one has worked truly, one will show it to others to show their expertise. Scammers will rarely have a genuine portfolio at their hand.
  • They offer it way too cheaply: If you are getting a deal that offer you way to low – know that either the web design agency is terrible, or it is fake at all. Web design takes time and efforts. No purer one will try to offer you something below its cost.
  • They hold no working process: If you ask an agency about how actually do they proceed toward the goal, and they say that it is some secret — Know that the secret is nothing but that they are a scam. Sometimes they might try to confuse you with absurd process that does not seem right. Trust your guts there.
  • They use website builders: Website builders might seem alright, but they hurt SEO. These builders take three-four times more script to build an element that could have been done efficiently by a web designer. Website builders are made for common people who don’t know how to build website. They are like a set of phrases to use on the foreign land. Hire someone who knows the complete language.
  • They have no questions from you: Website gets shaped after a thorough inquiry about motives. If the agency is not asking you enough questions, then know that they don’t have any process or plans to work through. It is a sign that the agency is fake. Web design takes color, geometry, space, content, distance, psychology, aesthetics, and much more into the question. Every website gets designed differently per the need of the business. You cannot design a website about books like that about clothes.
  • They are unknown to the SEO guidelines: The main purpose of a website is not to look heavenly alone; the main purpose is to attract customers and rank higher too. A website too aesthetic reaches few; a website too technical frightens and shoos many too. It is always a right fit, and the No 1 web design agency (Sydney) known to SEO too will carve you out the perfection.
  • They don’t serve answers to your curiosity: We all hold many questions before stepping into something — Is this good? How will it help? What is the process? How much will it take? Are you aware of these things and that things? An expert in web design will never hesitate to provide you the answers of your questions. If the agency you are talking to is denying you the answers, know that they know nothing but scam alone.

How to choose the right web design agency?

Now when you know what a fake agency seems like, it would be easier to choose the right sort of web design company. However, there are few things to take care of. Make sure you ask them the right question. Here is a list to look out for:

  • Ask them how do they work: It must include their working process, their policies, their past record, testimonials, the fields they deal in (web design, SEO, link building, etc.), and any other things you consider would be helpful.
  • Ask them their customer service: Nothing is more terrible than hiring a company, seeing an issue, and knowing that they offer poor after-services. It is terrible, however, it is avoidable. Ask them about how will they commune in future. As per a study done by Microsoft, 90% of people take customer service as a factor to decide the deal.
  • Ask them their past record: The work speaks for itself – We have always heard it, but rarely we do care. It is always good to ask what all have they worked up till. However, know that certain companies might even fake their records. Be keen in your lookout.

What are the final words?

You would not want to get into any situation and then deal with it. It is always best to be cautious earlier. But things just do not go our way sometimes. If you already have an SEO agency that you think is a scam or is just terrible — back off immediately. Look if you can sue the company too.

A right balance of money and quality is always preferred. Go for the company that is not charging you too high. Sometimes paying too much just does not work. If you want No 1 web design agency, Sydney has many. But make sure you choose the best amongst the bests.