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What Are Professional Folders?

Presentation folders are a generic term for any folder that contains documents that have to be presented for some kind of function. A presentation folder usually consists of a single A4 size sheet of medium to heavy paper stock, but sometimes, apocket like compartments are also included in a presentation folder so as to store paper documents safely. In this sense, a presentation folder can be defined as one that is used specifically for a particular purpose.

Businesses often use presentation folders for meetings. In fact, there are many reasons why companies use presentation folders with pockets when it comes to various functions. Here are some of them:


A presentation folder can be a lot cheaper than printing normal documents that are required for a meeting or conference. The reason for this being, a presentation folder doesn’t require you to print anything on it, and therefore it will only cost you less in terms of production costs.

Printed and Laminated

You can always have the presentation folders with pockets printed and laminated to showcase a brand or a symbol. Most pre-printed presentation folders are not laminated; you will have to get them laminated separately by contacting a professional services provider such as VC Print. A laminated presentation folder looks attractive and makes the meeting look classy.

Durable and of High-Quality:

Presentation folders are designed to store confidential information. Therefore, they have to be durable and of high quality. The material used in their making includes card stock, nylon, paper, vinyl, and other types of material.

Easy To Carry:

A4 presentation folders with pockets let you carry a lot of files at once. As you know, it can be quite difficult to carry a lot of papers when you are making a presentation. For instance, if you are presenting a financial report to a number of people, it can be quite difficult to keep track of each and every document. However, you can use presentation folders with pockets to carry all your papers with you.

Variety of Choice:

A large number of companies, including VC Print, offer presentation folders printing services which mean you have great options to choose from. You can choose a company that creates high-quality presentation folders with pockets, or you can even make them yourself. Of course, the latter option will require you to spend more money, but you will certainly get what you are looking for – a wallet for your presentation folders!

Frees Up Space:

Carrying documents and files in a folder lets you save on office space. You can easily carry the documents with you without having to worry about forgetting them.

Extra Security:

No one wants his or her presentation folders to fall out of their holders. Presentation folders with pockets have strong and durable handles in order to protect them. This will ensure that your presentation folders will stay in place until you are ready to use them again.

Saves Money:

Presentation folders will save you money. When you purchase presentation folders with pockets, you will not need to buy another folder to store your documents separately. You can keep all important documents in the pockets of the presentation folder.

Many companies, including VC Print, creates high-quality presentation folders with pockets. They provide a range of options for designing, printing, and lamination. Hiring such a company can help make the best of the presentation, store document safely, and be presentation-ready all the time. Investing in the A4 presentation folders with pockets is the best thing you can do towards winning multiple projects and adding new clients to your portfolio.