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What is Boma Technique & its Benefits and Usage

In this article, we will discuss the Boma Technique but before we jump on the Boma technique first you should know the meaning of boma and what can be the different benefits of the Boma technique. Also, we will talk about the usage of the boma technique and how you can use this technique effectively. Now let’s sneak peek at the meaning of boma.

What is the meaning of boma?

 In various regions of Africa, a boma is a cattle enclosure, stockade, or corral used to keep livestock safe at night. It benefits in retaining the cows, goats, and sheep IN and the vultures OUT.

About the Boma Technique –

Animals are lured into an enclosure using the Boma capturing technique, which is common in Africa, by being chased through funnel-shaped fencing.

The funnel narrows to become an animal selection and loading chute. Animals are herded into a big vehicle and transported to a different place through this chute, which is supported by grass mats and a green net to make it opaque for the animals.

The technique is selected since it does not need chemical immobilisation of the beast involved.

If mass capture is what needs to be done, the Boma technique is taken as it is not conceivable to glance and sedate multiple animals at once within a fixed duration frame.”

Earlier this ancient method was used to catch wild elephants for service and training.

After being implemented in Madhya Pradesh recently, Boma has been set for the first time to practise in Rajasthan for transmitting the

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ungulates to the Mukundara reserve, which lacks prey, as the kill for leopards and tigers.

The National Tiger Conservation Authority’s (NTCA) specialised committee has authorised a recommendation to move two tigers from Ranthambore National Park to Mukundara, which misplaced two cubs and two tigers in 2020 and is currently left with an eight-year-old tigress.

The first-ever use of the Boma approach for the passive capture of ungulates will significantly improve the management of the state’s prey base.

Benefits of Boma technique-

First-ever use of the Boma technique for passively capturing ungulates and this technique will bring important assistance to the prey base administration in the State.

The insufficient prey base in the scheme tiger regions had shown less breeding triumph for the cats, While the success of efforts to relocate them would rely on the availability of prey.

Reduced predation on domestic cattle, sheep, and goats close to tiger reserves would result from the transfer of herbivores.

Usage of Boma Technique :

In British colonies, particularly in remote regions, boma arrived to be used to signify government centers because in the late 19th century such centers mainly contained fortified  military barracks or police stations,

frequently in the form of a timber enclosure, though some had gravel walls. Many of them were referred to as forts, such as “Fort Jameson,” “Fort Manning,” or “Fort Rosebery.” Even in areas where fortifications were no longer necessary, it came to be used to refer to the district or provincial government headquarters in the 20th century.

In Southern Africa and the African Great Lakes, the term “boma” is still frequently used to refer to a cattle area. And also this is an old method that is mainly popular in Africa and has been approved by NTCA (National Tiger Conservation Authority).

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Bottom Line

I hope this article will help you in knowing more about the Boma technique and also the benefits of this technique it is developed for wildlife and is mainly popular in Africa.

And through this boma technique, the reduction of predation on domestic cattle is constant.