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What to Know about Car Shipping Insurance?

Customers wanted to make sure that their cars were safe, especially when they got shipping services from one state to another. After all, it’s their cherished vehicle that’s on the line, and the importance of being protected can’t be overstated. Fortunately, you can get insurance coverage that’s comprehensive and affordable when you’re with the right company. See more about insurance on this site here.

Cargo insurance is going to alleviate the worries of customers when it comes to damages during transit. Limits can be at around $350,000 for each policy, and as an example, this type is going to apply to all three cars when the owner decides to transport them all at the same time. As a result, the coverage will only be one-third if all of them get lost or stolen.

Insurance Requirements

Auto transport companies are required to have liability insurance as well as MC numbers from the DoT. They should be able to cover the expenses of a collision and other damages after the owner has paid for the stated deductible.

The T&Cs for each company can be different from each other, so make sure to check their requirements first before you book your first shipment. If you’re satisfied with the amount that they are offering, then you can go ahead and continue the transaction. Specific things are covered from the moment that the vehicle leaves the dock up to the point where it reaches its destination. Below are the different types that you need to know about.

What are the Different Options For You?

1. Customer-Level

With this package, this is essentially the added insurance that you’ve signed up for if you’ve decided that you need an extra level of protection during the transport. Major insurance carriers can offer them, but you need to call first to make sure that the terms are clear before proceeding.

2. Carrier

Cargo insurance is often taken out by the company itself to cover the vehicles in the ship or trailer during the transit. After all, they are the ones responsible for the safe delivery of their freight, so they are expected to have a larger amount with this one. Anything that can go wrong during the shipment will also be addressed, and in some cases, they have a hundred-thousand-dollar coverage for each cover but can go as high as a million dollars when necessary.

3. Brokerage

Middlemen that help you connect with the right carrier can also provide you with some level of protection. You can consider them as the mastermind of the operations so they make sure that their customers are happy and satisfied with their services. Insurance can also prevent their customers from getting scammed or facing various problems, and this is why they are more than happy to offer these services.

Although these companies don’t have their own insurance provider, they generally purchase a third-party supplementary alternative whenever they have a booked shipment. They are ideal for customers who want to increase the amount that’s going to get covered, and this is a good option if the cargo coverage is perceived to be lower than the actual value of the vehicle.

Other Tips to Follow

Before you sign a contract with a car shipping company, it’s important to see if they have certificates or proofs that they are insured. If you still have questions like “do you need insurance to ship a car or not?”, then you can refer to the link provided to get more information about this. You should also call the carrier to verify if your copy is legitimate or not.

Have Everything Written to Be on the Safe Side

Agreements should be written on paper and should be black and white. Put everything into writing and consider situations where the car is not covered. You should also know about the total amount of coverage, starting points, and so on.

Take Out the Personal Stuff from the Interior of your Automobile

Keys, loose change, paperwork, and other stuff should be taken out of your car when you’re going to ship it. This is to prevent scratches or avoid them from being stolen because they are not generally covered by insurance. In the event of theft, you won’t get compensated with them, so make sure to follow the shipment company’s instructions before you give a copy of the keys to the driver. Read info about auto shipping at this link: https://auto.howstuffworks.com/under-the-hood/auto-manufacturing/auto-transport.htm.

Inspection Reports are Necessary

Be present during the inspection because you don’t want the carrier to add or miss any existing damages on your car. Wash and wax the automobile so everything is clearly visible, and take pictures and videos. The reports are going to help you in the event of an insurance claim, and you’ll have proof that damage has occurred during the transit.

Deductible Payments

Even if the losses are paid by the insurers, you may also need to pay for the out-of-pocket costs like a deductible if you want to proceed with the claim. Discuss these things beforehand and make sure that the automobile is in excellent and operable condition to prevent surprises and additional expenses down the road.