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WTW – What’s the Word : Meaning Usage in day to day chatting on social media platform

What does WTW mean

WTW is short form for phrase what’s the word. It is mostly used in online messages and chatting. What is the meaning of this word? people are often confused about it. This word is mostly used in messaging or texting for greetings, salutations, wishes, greetings and handshakes and salutations. People think that  word is a kind of idiom. But using this workd is a weird way of asking someone how they are or if there’s anything interesting happening in their life that they’d like to share.

What is the word? is a popular phrase to use when talking to your friends in person, so it’s no surprise that people use the text abbreviation WTW a lot in online communications.

What does WTW Mean in Texting :

In texting, WTW means what’s the word? Which is similar to online messaging. You can use WTW to start a text conversation with someone you know. Whom you know well and with whom you have good relations. This is a great way to connect with someone and then move on to what you really want to talk about, a great short language of words to talk about.

What does WTW mean on Snapchat, TikTok, and Instagram :

If you spend most of your time on Snapchat, TikTok or Instagram or any other similar social media platform then you can use WTW as short word to start the conversation. WTW what does that word mean? As we told above it is way to start the chatting. Hence we can use it on social media platforms as well.

The most common alternative definition of WTW is what the what, in which a person is and he is sad. WTW is used to express shock or surprise at the moment. For example, if your friend told you they just saw a flying elephant, you might respond with WTW, which means what.

WTW usage in different contexts:

You can use any definition of WTW on social media sites, but you must ensure that the meaning is crystal clear. Fortunately, it is easy to distinguish between the meanings of WTW based on context and punctuation.

If you see WTW on someone’s social media post and it looks like they want to connect with their friends, it’s safe to assume that’s what they mean? What does he want?

Whereas if you see that someone shares a shocking post with the title WTW on their profile or the post made by them is shocking or are they more likely to have a reaction, and what that means.

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What does WTW mean in text Slang:

Now you know the main meanings of WTW in texting and social media contexts, it’s a good idea to see how to use it in a sentence. Here are some examples of how to use it and respond to texts.

1 friend? Haven’t seen you for a long time.

2 Want to go to the cinema with me tonight?

3 I can’t believe this happened to you!

What does WTW mean in text message :

If you’re messaging a friend and they send you a WTW message, you may not know how to respond to them. In case this happens, we’ve got three great responses you can use in that scenario.

Here are the reactions:

1 How are you?

° is absolutely correct.

2 I am very busy right now. talk later?

° Yes, absolutely.

What does WTWmean slang :

A common answer to WTW is “not much.” How are you?” This response is perfect if you’re not busy when you respond and you want to show that you’re interested in what the other person is doing. We can tell with a WTW like this.

The responses we’ve provided are all customizable, depending on your relationship with the person you’re messaging. Hopefully, the responses will give you an idea of how you would respond and communicate further if your friend sent you WTW in a message.


WTW is a great short name for starting a conversation or letting someone know you’re surprised by what they said. The definition of WTW may change as Internet slang evolves, so it’s a good idea to stay up to date with and dig into any new meanings that emerge online.


What is WTW word?

Ans: WTW is basically is short form for phrase “What’s the word”. This is used at the time of chatting, texting and greeting .

What is meaning of WTW word?

Ans:  The meaning of this WTW is what’s going on. We can say it is an alternative of saying What’s up in texting world?

What should we say in when someone asks WTW?

Ans: The answer may vary person to person but generally we say “nothing much, you say?”