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10 Places to Visit in Yerevan – A 2021 Yerevan Guide

Armenia is known for its cultural heritage. There are many fascinating sights and places to visit in Armenia. However, this article is dedicated to the sights of Yerevan and the most interesting places that the city holds for its visitors. Yerevan is a small city, yet it has much to offer. In Yerevan it is easy to organize a beautiful, entertaining and positive pastime. Whether you are interested in culture, in history, sights of Yerevan or just a lover of a fun time, you will always find something to your own taste and preferences.

The must visit places in Yerevan are many. To make it easier, there are several places that it is simply sinful not to visit while you are in the city. Here are some of those places that will ensure your interesting and entertaining stay in Yerevan. You can still use public transport or a taxi to get there, however if you want to spend quality time without thinking about the transport issues you can rent a car in Yerevan and control your timing.

Museums in Yerevan – For those who are interested in art

Cafesjian Center for the Arts

Cafesjian Centre for the Arts exhibits the masterpieces of modern art to its visitors. Visiting the Centre you are able not only to admire the pieces of contemporary art, but also marvel the magnificent panoramic view that opens in front of you. Also, do visit the museums shop, where you can find special collections and pieces of art. 

Matenadaran – The Museum of Ancient Manuscripts

The Matenadaran is a museum, a repository of manuscripts, also a research institute in Yerevan. Here are displayed totally 23 000 ancient and medieval manuscripts. The museum gives you a unique opportunity to get acquainted with the old and deep culture of Armenia. In fact, to visit Yerevan and not to be in the Matenadaran is almost equal to not being in the city at all.

Parajanov Museum

If you appreciate great art and uniqueness, you should not miss an opportunity to visit Parajanov Museum. The visitors of the museum are fascinated by the installations, collages, assemblages, drawings, dolls and hats that are included in the museum collection. The strong impression and cultural taste that you will surely experience in the museum is simply priceless.

Megerian Carpet Museum

One more place that screams Armenia! This is a private exhibition that holds the most beautiful, high-quality Armenian rugs and carpets. In the museum you are fully involved in the process of making carpets which is a really rare opportunity. You can also enjoy the folk music and dances, taste national cuisine and just relish a unique experience.

Vernissage Market

If you are really determined to discover Armenia and its culture, then you should undoubtedly visit the Vernissage. Here you can spend a wonderful weekend admiring national souvenirs, jewelry, pictures, utensils, books, etc. Every item in the market is unique and special. In fact, the Vernissage is one of the best open air markets in the world. It would be a pity to be in Yerevan and miss such a beautiful chance to stepping closer to the Armenian culture.

The best restaurants in Yerevan  – For those who want to have fun

Pahest 33

If you are interested in the nightlife in Yerevan, then this one is surely for you. Do you want to spend some quality time with friends, dance, relax and enjoy unique assortment of cocktails and various tasty dishes? Here you are! Pahest 33 is one of the best choices for a weekend evening. Due to its location, special interior and thoughtful staff, the place is worth a visit.

Tavern Yerevan

You should not miss the chance of visiting the Tavern Yerevan when you are in the city. With the most considerable staff, unique interior and dishes that will make you drool, you will spend the tastiest evening ever. Besides, here – in the Tavern Yerevan, you have the wonderful chance to get acquainted with the Armenian cuisine, also enjoy folk music and folk dances. Tavern Yerevan is one of those places that every tourist should visit while in Yerevan. If you do not taste the dishes of the tavern, then you haven’t tasted Yerevan!

Armhookah lounge bar

If you are looking for a special and unique evening, different from all your other experiences, you should visit Armhookah lounge bar. With exotic flavors of hookah, a large assortment of drinks and delicious food, you will surely spend one of the best and unforgettable evenings here. The warm and friendly atmosphere will help you end the day with good mood and nice memories!


Yasaman restaurant is really something else! It is a real source of inspiration and magical atmosphere. If you want to taste delicious food and relish a breathtaking interior, then you should not waste your time and visit the restaurant. Here you will spend an unforgettable evening, enjoying the high-class environment and service. 

Kaskad Balkon

Obviously, one of the main advantages of this place is its phenomenal view. It is located near Cascade complex and the wonderful view from the balconies is guaranteed. The visit here is relaxing and also very tasty at the same time. With the large and delicious assortment of coffees and pastries, together with a perfect service, you will surely experience a calming and friendly visit.   

Rent a car in Yerevan

It is not difficult to rent a car in Yerevan. There are many car rent services in the city that offer convenient and affordable options.  You can choose a car to your preferences and budget. It will take you only several minutes to secure a car for your trips in Yerevan.

We wish you a wonderful stay! Yerevan is a beautiful city to discover! The city is constantly changing, always offering something new, special and fascinating.