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Shopertaken Review: Get All the Details about Shopertaken Website in detail! 

Are you searching for Indian designer sarees? Do you want quick access to the newest selection of women’s dresses and clothing? If yes, then today we are going to tell you about a new website for shopping that is the Shopertaken website. According to Shopertaken.com, they have more than 10,000 sari designs and patterns available to showcase Indian culture on their website. It is an online retailer of designer clothing, including sarees, kurtis, dresses, purses, and even electronics. The majority of the store’s goods are designed to specifically meet the demands of Indian ladies. The website features a selection of Indian ethnic clothing and traditional sarees at discounted prices. However, before purchasing from the website it is wise to read the Shopertaken website review. 

This guide will assist customers in selecting the best online retailer by providing recent store information about the website. So, continue reading the article to get all the details of the Shopertaken website in detail.

What is Shopertaken.com? 

Shopertaken.com is a recently founded e-commerce website that offers a great selection of Indian traditional clothes. There are a lot of products available on this website which include Indian sarees, lehengas, salwar kameez, nightgowns, women’s watches, handbags, professional products, and even gadgets are available there. The company also has a monsoon collection, which includes a wide range of goods like clear umbrellas, lights that repel mosquitoes, and more. The website’s UI is straightforward and user-friendly, and all of the products have thorough descriptions for a simple buying experience for customers. Online shoppers usually hesitate and search for a trustworthy response to the question that is if the Shopertaken website is legit or not. As the website is new and lacks many essential facts, therefore, to assist online shoppers in making the best purchasing decision, we shall examine the website’s credibility below.

Highlights of Shopertaken Website

If you are also interested in different traditional clothes offered by Shopertaken Website then you must know all the details of the website before making a purchase. So here are some highlights of the Shopertaken Website as mentioned below: 

  • The official URL link to visit the Shopertaken Website is https://shopertaken.com/.
  • The website offers different categories of products such as Ethnic Wear, Saris, Salwar Kameez, Hand Bags, Blouse, Lehengas, electronics, monsoon collections, nightwear, and many more.
  • The Shopertaken website accepts different payment modes including PayPal Payment and Major Card Payments.
  • The Domain of the website was registered on 11th June 2021 which implies that the website is more than a year old.
  • The contact number provided by the company to reach their team is +91-9510941274.
  • The email address provided for support is shopertaken1990@gmail.com.
  • The office address of the company is 25, Raghukul Nivas, Ahmedabad, Gujarat- 380002.
  • There are no details about the contact person or owner information mentioned on the website.
  • As per the Shipping and Delivery policy on the website, the company usually starts the shipping process in 5-7 days after placing the order, and it takes seven days to deliver domestic orders. In addition to this, domestic orders are usually delivered between Monday and Saturday from 9 am to 6 pm. But international shipping takes a long time for delivery. 
  • As per the Return and Refund Policy, Order cancellation is accepted within 24 hours of placing the order. Most importantly, products are only accepted to return by the company when they are in the original condition and tags within two days of delivery. There is no refund provided by the company for orders that are returned after two days of delivery. Their refund process usually takes 4 to 5 business days, and the refund is started after inspecting the product.
  • The Shopertaken website has mentioned its social media account links to the website but those social logos are not functional. 
  • There are no Shopertaken Reviews available on the website, but comments are available which are not in favor.

Pros of Using Shopertaken Website 

The following are some positive aspects of shopping from the Shopertaken website as mentioned below: 

  • As per the Shopertaken website reviews, the store claims to offer various ethnic wear and sarees at high discount prices.
  • The Shopertaken store specializes in traditional dresses such as salwar kameez, and designer dresses and nightwear for women are also available.
  • The company also has a great monsoon collection including mosquito traps, lamps, and umbrellas.
  • Different modes of payment are accepted at the Shopertaken store so that customers can pay at their convenience.
  • The company accepts order cancellation and return and a refund policy is also applicable on orders.

Cons of Using Shopertaken Website 

Besides having pros, there are some negative aspects of using the Shopertaken website as well which are as follows: 

  • The reviews available for the Shopertaken website are not favorable which shows that the website is not reliable.
  • The Shopertaken website has not shared any contact person details or owner information.
  • The products available on Shopertaken’s website seem to have unrealistic pricing which makes it suspicious. 
  • The social media links of the Shopertaken website are not functional which makes it difficult to look for customer reviews.

Is Shopertaken Website Legit? 

Many people were wondering if the Shopertaken website is legit or not so we have done thorough research on the website. We have investigated the website and discovered numerous flaws that make the shop extremely questionable and untrustworthy. Here are some factors to check its legitimacy: 

Domain Registration – The Shopertaken website’s domain registration is new as it was created in 2021 and the domain is mentioned to be expired on 11th June 2021. 

Trust Score – The trust score of this online store is only 1% which is a red flag for online buyers. 

Content – The majority of the content on the Shopertaken website seems to be copied from other fake websites and stores so you should not believe what’s written on the website.

Customer Reviews – The Shopertaken website has no Reviews section, and the video review has comments but they are against the online store. 

Company Address – The physical address of the Shopertaken store seems to be matched with other fake and online scam stores. 

Prices – The products seem to be unbelievably lower prices, and it calls for proper research and analysis before buying.

So, these are the factors that make Shopertaken online stores questionable and highly risky for shopping. So, we will advise you to research the Shopertaken website properly before shopping so that you can prevent yourself from online scams. 

What are the Shopertaken Website Reviews?

The official website of Shopertaken does not have any reviews. Even the products themselves have not gotten any user feedback or comments. We discovered a video review with a few remarks after doing some research. However, those reviews are negative, and one customer acknowledged that Shopertaken.com is a scam operation and advised others not to do business with them. Even after contacting their number, there is no answer regarding order tracking, proving that it is a scam website. In addition to this, there are no social media accounts mentioned on the website which implies that they do not have any social media presence where you can check reviews. So we will advise you to not use the Shopertaken website until you find genuine reviews about the website. 


Shopertaken.com is an online ecommerce website for traditional and ethnic wear that is becoming quite popular among users. Many people find the products on this website attractive as they not only look designer and trendy but also come at discounted prices. However, the absence of any Shopertaken Reviews to back up the store’s claims raises suspicions about the website. The major drawback of using the website is that there are no customer reviews so you cannot know if you will get a genuine product or not. So we will advise our readers to research and analyze the website completely before purchasing at the store. If you have already been scammed by the website, you should read the guide on avoiding and reporting credit card scams. 

We hope that you found this article on the Shopertaken website helpful and now you can decide if you should shop from this website or not. You can also share this detail about the Shopertaken website with your friends and family so that they would not become a part of such scams.