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When is the Right Time to Contact a Wrongful Termination Attorney?

Wrongfully terminated from your job? Do not worry, you can get help from a Paramus wrongful termination attorney. Often it is seen that employers wrongfully terminate their employees without having to state the reasons behind doing so. If you feel that you have fallen prey to this kind of unlawful practice of the employers, you can get back at them with the help of a termination attorney. The reason you will need a termination attorney is that they are well-versed with the federal and state laws concerning your employer’s practices and will help you to understand and get justice in a safe and sound legal manner. 

The lawyers will help you by gathering information about the unlawful practice and backing up your case. They will assist you in gathering data, introducing witness testimonials to the jury, and strategies that the employers might use against you. 

The right time to contact a wrongful termination attorney

Soon after you receive the termination notification, contact an attorney and tell them about the circumstances that have led you to this situation. The further actions will be supervised under the attorney. If you do not hire an attorney, you might face major drawbacks in exercising your rights.  

What benefits can you get from suing your employer?

If you are terminated wrongfully, you are eligible to receive compensation with the help of an attorney. Furthermore, they will help you with compensation for various reasons, such as:

  • The income you have lost between the date of termination and the date of settlement. 
  • The income you lost between the termination and the date you get a new job.
  • Loss of benefits that you receive from medical insurance, bonuses, pensions, etc.
  • If you are being forced to sign a protracted or an increment settlement. 
  • Any out-of-pocket expenses that you have made.
  • Compensation for emotional suffering. 

In addition, you are also eligible to get reimbursement for the wrongful termination. The reimbursement will be for the rapture of reputation that the termination has caused you. 


With the help of a wrongful termination lawyer, you might not have a chance to get back your job, but you can get the claims from the employers. However, being in a situation like this is mentally traumatizing. A lawyer will give you emotional support and help you figure out ways to deal with the mess you are at.