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Beth Grosshans Husband: Know Everything About Beth Grosshans’ Husband Here!

Dr. Beth Grosshans practiced psychology for almost 20 years in New Jersey before stepping down from the field in 2011. She gained international recognition for her book “Beyond Time Out: From Chaos to Calm,” which examines child behavior and parenting. During her career, she supported individuals, couples, families, and children with psychological issues.

In addition, Beth Grosshans has a wonderful spouse named Dennis Stattman and they lead a happy married life. Denis has always encouraged her in her work and supported her through all the highs and lows in her life.

Continue reading the article to know more about Beth Grosshans’s husband Dennis Stattman, his early life, career and relationship with his wife in detail.

About Beth Grosshans

Beth Grosshans is a well-known retired clinical psychologist who has 20 years of expertise in working with patients. Beth Grosshans opened her solo practice in 1994 and began a career that had a significant impact since then.

In addition to her work in the field of health care, Dr. Grosshans has always had a strong interest in education. She worked as an instructor at the Princeton Center for Teacher Education for more than fifteen years. There, she focused on child development courses and shared her knowledge with Montessori instructors across the country.

She was an active member of several professional associations, including the Association for the Advancement of Psychology, the American Psychological Association, and the New Jersey Psychological Association. She divided her time between Manhattan and Pennsylvania after retiring, teaching and participating in professional societies in addition to her practice.

About Dennis Stattman

Dennis Stattman is the husband of Beth Grosshans. He is 60 years old presently and has black hair and wears glasses. Stattman is a devout Christian and has American nationality and ethnicity.

Beth Grosshans’s husband, Dennis Stattman is an attorney specializing in private intellectual property. The couple is known for keeping their personal lives private and does not share much information about their personal bonding.

Despite this privacy, Dennis clearly supports his wife’s advocacy work wholeheartedly. While he prefers to have a private life, he plays a significant role in Beth’s life as a supportive partner.

His profession as an intellectual property lawyer complements their mutual commitment to the law, which is one of the main things that makes their relationship stronger.

Dennis Stattman’s Career

Dennis Stattman’s career has been diverse as he works in different fields. In the finance sector, he is presently well-known for his creation and administration of the BlackRock Global Allocation Fund. While teaching at Georgetown University, he puts a strong emphasis on leadership and knowledge sharing which reflects his shift to finance. Along with this change, he adopted a more expansive view of success that emphasizes involvement and education.

How did Beth Grosshans and Dennis Stattman meet?

Dennis and Beth fell in love when they first met at Cornell University. After bonding over sports, movies, and travel, the two became close friends initially. After graduating in 1993, their friendship eventually turned into love and a lifetime journey together. Their deep and enduring relationship was formed by their common interests and experiences as a couple.

How long have Dennis and Beth been married?

Beth Grossman and Dennis Stattman have been married for more than 30 years, and are still together because of their fair share of dedication. The pair cherishes small pleasures away from the spotlight and loves a peaceful life at their remote ranch house.

Beth Grosshans and Dennis’s Children

For over a decade, Beth and Dennis have been parenting their girls and highlighting the value of family. In addition to being a devoted wife, Beth has become well-known on social media for helping parents learn strategies for strong, loving, effective parenting.


Who is Beth Grosshans’s husband?

Beth Grosshans’s husband’s name is Dennis Stattman and he is an attorney specializing in private intellectual property.

How many children does Beth Grosshans have?

Beth Grosshans has two daughters with her husband Dennis Stattman.

How old is Beth Grosshans’s husband?

Beth Grosshans’s husband, Dennis Stattman is presently 60 years old.


Overall, Dennis Stattman is well-known for being the supportive husband of Beth Grosshans. Their journey is one of devotion, commitment, and a common goal of having a big influence on both their family and their wider community. Their unwavering devotion to one another has been the cornerstone of their family’s existence, through the highs and lows. Even though Beth Grosshans is a remarkable lady in her own right, her husband’s contribution to their family story must be recognized. Often working in the background, Beth Grosshans’s husband has been a loyal and encouraging partner who is intelligent, generous, and loving. We hope you found this article informative and now you know everything about Beth Grosshans’s husband Dennis Stattman that you were looking for.

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